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Sustainability for Business Forum 

Our missions:

  • To shed the light on business practitioners who have create business value while improving their impact on people and the planet.

  • To connect with relevant sustainability potential partners and service

  • To get inspired by leading sustainable initiatives and projects in Asia.

  • To empower businesses with innovative and effective strategies driven by economic, environmental, and social performance

Track#1 Green Construction

Smart urban planning, resilient infrastructure, resource and transit management, community centered design, urban supply chains and innovative living solutions which will define the liveability, health, quality of life, security, economic prosperity, environmental well-being and resilience of ASEAN cities in a post pandemic world.


We will discuss how to make cities more resilient to crises, what can be learned from the COVID management for climate change adaptation; what will cities offer in a new normal work play living environment; take from forward thinking examples of shorter and relocalized supply cycles, socially inclusive communities, human centric and holistic planning, revised usage of infrastructure and rethink urban systems towards self sufficiency.

Green Indoors

Track#2 Agri- and Foods Innovation

Innovation to move forward healthy food, sustainable supply chain and viable agriculture which are securing safer products for consumers, better revenue and environment for farmers communities and growing income for companies.

Track#3 Sustainable Digitalisation

Sustainable digitalisation, or sustainable digital transformation, refers to the process of digitalising the economy in a long-lasting, green, and organic way by building on its key strength: innovative SMEs and MNEs and their business ecosystems. The definition of a sustainable digital transformation is along three interconnected dimensions:

1) Sustainable B2B Digitalisation;

2) Green(er) Technologies and a Circular Economy, and

3) Innovation-enabling policy and regulation.

Digital Tablet



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